Delayed Launch and a Sneak Peek

Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. Mildly disappointed, sure. But not overly surprised.

My March 31 launch date was a little on the ambitious side to begin with. And announcing it left my comfort zone a distant memory. But without a committed deadline, it’s very likely that I was going to procrastinate, putter about, and poke around until my end of days; the manuscript would never be ready. With a firm deadline, I moved mountains to hit it.

As it stands now, the manuscript is now in the hands of traditional publisher/friend who is doing me the outstanding favour of searching out the ideal editor. This part of the process is completely new to me and I have no idea what this does to the timeline. But pretty sure it’s going to take  more than the next three days…

I have no plan to publish the book through a traditional publisher. It’s taken me this long to tell the story – I do not have the patience to sit through another 6-24 months to see a book in my hand. But the professional editing is crucial this time round. And for that, I will suffer through the learning experience I’m sure it will be so that I can put out my best work.

That said, there’s plenty to keep me busy in the background while I ‘wait.’ I just got a bunch of promotional stuff delivered. I’ve now got a big banner of the cover hanging in my office. I’m thrilled with it. The bookmarks look great! And there’s a ton of online marketing in the works. It’s not enough to just write the book anymore. But that’s all a process I’m starting to enjoy!

What I can share now, is the amazing cover that was created for me by Burlington artist Trevor Gustafson. He sat with me while I showed him a ridiculously crude and tiny sketch that I had drawn in the middle of the night of what I wanted. He asked a lot of questions that made no sense to me, and a few that did. His first draft blew me away! A handful of tweaks and revisions later, and I have a cover that could not possibly be closer to what I had in mind. In fact, it’s a little better. My thanks to Trevor and my pleasure now to share his genius with you.

Cover art for A Road To Joy, by Trevor Gustafson

Cover art for A Road To Joy, by Trevor Gustafson

Who The Heck Is Alexandra Stacey?

As I have not yet mastered the video process – it’s really very new to me – I am struggling a bit when it comes to the regularity of my posts here. So, in an effort to keep up, while I continue to learn, I’ll do what I do best.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

On top of the usual demands of daily life, and the work of editing an 80,000 word manuscript, and the planning of an impromptu trip to the Yukon – that’ll make perfect sense once you read the book… – I’m rebranding everything. I’ve decided to write the book under a pen name. Moving forward, the website, the social media, and anything I want to do post launch meshes better if I can keep it all under one umbrella, making a pen name the way to go.

This means that the last two weeks have been filled with changes to blogs and freelance accounts, new domains, new websites, and new social media profiles – because in some cases, changing one’s name is deemed too confusing for the four people who already somehow found and follow the original. Add to that all the pictures and passwords that have to be changed, and taxing my poor artist’s patience to once again change the book cover, and frazzled becomes the norm.

But, because it’s still early in the process, it’s certainly easier to do now than later. Yet,

Profile Picture Alexandra Stacey

Playing around with my new video backdrop. Fancy!

it’s still a big decision, and it’s going to take me some time to adapt and feel normal about it.

So, without further ado, and with very little fanfare, please allow me to introduce


Hi, I’m Alexandra Stacey. A pleasure to meet you and welcome! Thank you for joining me on this journey of Overwhelming Gratitude!

To Edit Or Not To Edit

Beta copies are out and reviews are starting to come in. From the looks of things, my part in editing the first draft should go fairly smoothly. Until I hit the mysterious world of the professional editor. Nervous doesn’t begin to describe it…

Writing In My Sleep

I can’t be the only one awakened regularly in the middle of the night with ideas and thoughts that come from a mind far more advanced and capable than my own. Here’s what I do with them…

Writing vs. Typing

A typical conversation in our house:

Kid: “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom!”
Mom: staring blankly into space, out a window, at the floor, for minutes, hours….
Kid: “Moooommmm!”
Mom: “Shhhh. Mommy’s busy.”
Kid: “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t realize you were writing again..”