Alex2With a background in Architectural Technology, Alexandra has successfully transferred the creative and logic skills required to design a house to many other fields of interest, including writing, website design, painting, and most recently, pottery. From the big picture to the tiniest detail, it’s all the same process, and the next all-consuming project is only ever an idea away.

But when the sudden and unexpected death of her husband of twenty years left her alone to support their five teenagers, Alex’s confidence, hope, and happiness died with him.

It’s been a long journey, recovering, rebuilding, recreating – a journey that’s nowhere near ended. But the lessons learned are invaluable, leading to a life that is more fulfilling, joyous, and hopeful than she could have ever imagined possible.

Her mission now, to help others through their life-changing challenges, has turned hope into purpose. Sharing through genuine emotion and real experience, Alex aspires to inspire strength, confidence, and joy in those who aren’t actually sure that’s possible.