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A Road To Joy.

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4 thoughts on “REVIEWS

  1. I am a book snob. I read a lot of books and I have recently felt like books were losing the power to move me. Then came A Road To Joy. This book is so real and powerful that it had me laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time. Alexandra has put her heart and soul into this novel and it shows on every page. This one is a definite must read. Well done Alexandra!


  2. “A Road to Joy” was definitely the most impactful, emotional, and inspirational read of my life. I was right there with “her”, experiencing her gut wrenching lows and highs. I quite frankly could not put this book down, and it took me several days once done to even share how it impacted me. You must read it! I have to share this book with everyone I know. Thank you Alex!


  3. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ First, I have to say finding a book that captures and holds my attention is not easy. I have picked up many books that sounded interesting but couldn’t keep me reading after the first couple chapters. This book was able to keep me reading and wanting to learn about ‘her’. I wanted to know what she’d been through, how it happened and how she dealt with it all. I have not been through a loss like ‘she’ has but I feel like I learned how important it is to appreciate every day and everything we have at this moment, even if it’s not how or what we envisioned for ourselves. I really loved the raw emotion and feels that came with this read. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thank you Alexandra! ❤


  4. Alex,
    I finished your book on the weekend and have spent the last five days trying to think of a suitable response. Powerful, inspiring, unflinchingly honest. These are just clichés that don’t have enough weight to express how your book affected me. The lessons you teach through this story need to be heard by many. The chapter on Nathan’s death stirred up a lot of ghosts for me, but thank you for sharing it. “People say stupid shit like “live everyday like it’s your last”…When your people know you love, them no matter what, you don’t need goodbye.” These are powerful messages. I will be gifting copies of this book to a number of friends who will benefit from its messages. Thank you again for sharing it with the world.


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