2 Easy Steps To Write A Great Review

So much of avoiding writing a review for someone’s book is the idea that you can’t write.


It’s easy. It takes five minutes. And it is the single most effective way to support the author of a book you took the time to read. (Or maybe even didn’t finish…) Here’s the 2 – Yes, 2! – Steps to Writing a Review


Find a link to the book/author’s review page. Chances are they’ve sent you an email. Or it’s right at the top of their website. Or it’s printed on the book itself. Reviews are gold. The publisher and author are going to make it as easy as possible for you to share your comments. This whole paragraph links to mine.

And Second,

Write a review. Not a report. Not an essay. Just tell them what you think about their book.

Use the 3-Word-Rule.

I loved it.” Or, “I hated it.” Or just the first three words that come to mind: “funny, sad, wow.

If you’re game, you could elaborate by answering why?
Why you loved it – I felt every word of this book, I’ve been there myself.
Why you hated it – I cried the whole time. Ugh.
Why someone else should read it – I want my mother/brother/husband/daughter to read it because they’ll understand me better.

That’s it! Quick, easy, painless, and a boon for an author who’s trying to change the world!

With Overwhelming Gratitude,