Check Out ‘A Road To Joy’ on Audible!!!

Nobody ever tells you about the multitude of milestones in a writer’s journey.

Today is a big one…

I am proud as punch to announce the release of


now available on


( and Apple’s ‘Books’ app, and Amazon!)

If you’re an audio version fan, or if you’ve always wanted to try one, this is a great one to download.

Narrated by voice actor extraordinaire, Rachel Music, I am beside myself with the results. Her ability to make every character – from 5-year-old Gilda, to hot sexy Sam – come to life is astounding! Her depth of emotion, her sense of sarcasm, and mastery of angst are something every audio fan needs to experience.

Link over to Audible. Download it an give it a listen. And please, let us know what you think. Good bad or otherwise, we want to hear from you!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cartwheels to get started on out back…