Introducing DragonflyYOU

Alexandra Stacey announces
the launch of

The death of a spouse wipes out not only the life of the person who died, but also that of the spouse left behind. Marriage and like-married relationships, when done right, take two lives and entwine them together in ways both obvious and imperceptible.

Until death do us part.

But no one stops to think about what happens after we invoke the shittiest clause in the contract!!!

There is a time immediately following a widow’s loss where the pain is all-consuming. Despair, fear, and a weakness that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit take over and the darkness descends.

The ‘five stages of grief’ were never meant to describe the journey of the widow. They are a blanket explanation of the path of the dying.

A widow’s journey is something completely different.

Our timeline is a varied as we are. The stages are a hit-and-miss jumble of chaos. The healing isn’t the healing we expect it to be.

But in the end, the grief never goes away. It never lessens. We don’t ever ‘get over it.’

The grief becomes a part of us.

At some point, we start to learn to live with it.

And that’s where DragonflyYOU steps in.

When a widow begins to wonder, ‘Now what?

When she begins to think, ‘There has to be more than this.

When she reaches the point where she wants more than the day to day wallow in the pit of self-pity.

DragonflyYOU is the next step.

Focusing on rebirth, change, transformation, and self-realization, the dragonfly as a symbol is the signal to move forward and learn to create an incredible new self, with hope, strength, and purpose.

To build a whole new existence that brings back the joy of living a life that we choose, that we create, that we enjoy.

When you’re ready.

Or if you know someone you think is ready.

Helping women turn grief into a fabulous Second Act.