It’s All About The Reviews!

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that it’s unbelievably cool to hear what people think about something you think you aced.

Like this message from Dianne yesterday:

"I just finished your wonderful book for the 2nd time.  

"I loved it both times but the 2nd time I took longer to read it and it touched me in ways I missed during the first time. Thanks for sharing. Overwhelming Gratitude."
~ Dianne

I’ve discovered the Joy in hugging myself!

Anyway, to get a book out into the masses, an author and her publishing company have to spend gobs of money on advertising and marketing, tons of time travelling and planning, and every ounce of energy they have trying to get people who read the book to tell others what they thought about it.

No matter how you release a book, the end game is the same. Word of mouth is what makes or breaks a book. And because I am both tremendously proud of this work and I truly believe it’s meant to help people, I’m pushing for those reviews.

If you purchase your copy from Amazon, they’ll send you an email asking you for a review. Please save it for when you’ve finished reading A Road To Joy, and then use the link to share your thoughts.

If you get a copy from me, however, you can leave your review here on the website at REVIEWS. The website’s listed on the back cover of the book as well. (You can also copy your Amazon comments into the REVIEWS page here to really get your comments out there!)

And rest assured that the Gratitude I feel when someone takes the time to respond to my words is, to say the least, Overwhelming!