Check Out ‘A Road To Joy’ on Audible!!!

Nobody ever tells you about the multitude of milestones in a writer’s journey.

Today is a big one…

I am proud as punch to announce the release of


now available on


( and Apple’s ‘Books’ app, and Amazon!)

If you’re an audio version fan, or if you’ve always wanted to try one, this is a great one to download.

Narrated by voice actor extraordinaire, Rachel Music, I am beside myself with the results. Her ability to make every character – from 5-year-old Gilda, to hot sexy Sam – come to life is astounding! Her depth of emotion, her sense of sarcasm, and mastery of angst are something every audio fan needs to experience.

Link over to Audible. Download it an give it a listen. And please, let us know what you think. Good bad or otherwise, we want to hear from you!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cartwheels to get started on out back…


Here’s Why Those Reviews Matter

If you go to to buy my book, the first thing you do is type the title into the Search bar.

“A Road To Joy”

One would expect to see my book. But here’s a screenshot of what you get:

Yeah. There are 6 (!!!) books (okay, one’s not even a book…) that come up in the search before mine does. And of the six of them, not one is an exact match for the search parameters. (That’s me, second row, third one from the left. Seventh, and the first exact match…)

You see, Amazon, and any other sales site for that matter, rank their products based on a number of factors. But when it comes to books, reviews are the key. And it doesn’t take many reviews for a book to get bumped up a few notches.

But here’s the real kicker. I’ve entered A Road To Joy into the 2019 Kindle Storyteller Contest. As contests go, there’s a huge popularity component to being recognized, or even considered for that matter. But with books, popularity is pretty much the point.

So in the end, those reviews matter. Telling friends about the book matters. Lending them your copy is a great way to share it – just remind them to leave a review. On Amazon if the book is purchased there. On A Road To Joy’s website if not.

The bottom line is, I’ve written lots of other stuff. But A Road To Joy is something that I honestly think is worthy of the recognition a contest of this magnitude would bring. So I’m pestering big time for your help. And it’s a good story. So I’m promising a great entertainment value in return.

With Overwhelming Gratitude,

The Birth Of A Book!!!

It is with profound and overwhelming pride and excitement that I would like to present, at long last,


It’s been two months of me getting in my own way, making things harder than they have to be, and struggling beyond the limits of my very sanity, but I am thrilled with the result!!

I would like to invite you to check it out, buy a copy – either print or e-version on Kindle, take a read through, and please, let me know what you think! Reviews can be left on the Amazon purchase page or here on A Road To Joy’s REVIEWS page. And good, bad, or otherwise, I want to hear from you.

I am beside myself with how this has turned out, and am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the love and support you’ve shown me through the process. I am actually leaving in an hour, heading for Yukon, for reasons that will become clear as you read. I forgot to do something last time I was there…

I am grateful for all the friends and family who are stepping up to stay with my loved ones while I’m away,  and I look forward to connecting with you all when I get back.

In the meantime, we’ll be posting our travels on Instagram @cracked_pots

You’re welcome to follow along!

And watch for my first official launch and book signing coming up the weekend of June 21-23, 2019 at Hamilton’s ArtsFest.

Thank you again for sticking with me through this most emotional and rewarding journey of mine. I am so very lucky to have you!